All Staff

Sanitation Specialist

One of our top back-end workers. Jesse can handle any work and any weather you can throw at him. Jesse never seems to run out of steam.

Sanitation Specialist

Jt is a back-end recycling truck worker one day a week. His talent lies in woodworking. He was formerly in commercial construction for Ganneston Builders.

Sanitation Specialist

Chad is back-end worker on the recycling run.  Another one of our guys that is out in all temperatures and weather.  Chad is a hard worker and works two jobs.   

Sanitation Specialist

Jon is our main recycling truck driver. He does both the residential recycling and commercial recycling.

Sanitation Driver

Ken is one of our newer drivers. He picks up both rubbish and cardboard. When he's at work, Ken is saving kittens from the dumpsters. Off the clock, he is probably hunting something.

Sanitation Specialists

Derek is fairly new to the team but fit right quickly. He does everything from commercial recycling to back end work. Another good worker for the Riverside team. Be safe Nirza.

Roll-off Driver

Welcome back Paul. Paul is hands down one of the hardest workers around. He gives it 100% from the time he punches in to the time he punches out.

Administrative Assistant

Sandy is another with an unlimited job description. She can handle the pressure of phones ringing off the hook, dispatching dumpster deliveries, and stamping envelopes, all at the same time.

Sanitation Specialist

Mike is one of our newer back-end workers. This guy will do anything he is asked without complaint. Welcome aboard Mike.